National Occupational Standards (NOS)

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of competence and are written to measure outcomes. National Occupational Standards describe good practice. Essentially, standards describe what happens in the workplace — not what people are like.

In 2009 the revision of National Occupational Standards for Complementary and National Healthcare was completed, under the guidance of Skills for Health. There was extensive consultation with the public and practitioners, and representatives from 12 different therapy groups worked on the revisions over a 12 month period

The National Occupational Standards for Reiki are included within these revisions, and are made up of three separate competencies, the first two of which are common to all therapy groups, and the third one being specifically for Reiki. The competencies, all of which would need to be achieved, may be downloaded from this website courtesy of Skills for Health who own copyright of the competences:

CLICK HERE= A full set of the standards are also available for download

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